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Watch the video for Mega Emotion’s Uncomfortable single:

The band said “The idea of making a pop promo always feels like a challenge. It’s weird, performing live is no biggie for us, we love it. But standing in front of a camera and miming is for dicks. Camera crew watching you, sniggering, yawning. You feel like such a clown.”

Uncomfortable video filming - Mega Emotion
Outtakes from the filming of Mega Emotion’s Uncomfortable video

“So for the Uncomfortable video, we decided to create the perfect filming environment in which the only participant was whoever was in front of the camera. We set up the studio so that each band member could press record, and clown about in total solitude – no judgement, no shame, no fuss.”

“We were aiming for Warhol’s early filmic experimentalism, but we’ve probably just achieved the confession cubicle in Snog Marry Avoid.”

The video accompanies the release of the Uncomfortable single, which was released on cassette on 19 January 2015 via Post/Pop Records.

The track is a heady blend of post punk, stark electronics and synth-laden pop hooks. Inspired by bands like New Order, Metronomy, Chvrches and Kraftwerk, they wanted to create dance music whilst still retaining the rawness of bands like Sonic Youth or the Pixies. It is backed with a striking cover of Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita”.

Buy the cassette now from Bandcamp – includes Uncomfortable and La Isla Bonita. You can also buy Uncomfortable the track from iTunes, Google Play and stream on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Mega Emotion - Uncomfortable

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